Lessons From a Billionaire’s Visit: – Mark Zuckerberg

The dust raised by Mark Zuckerberg’s visit may have settled in the news but not so for those of us who has been frontline advocates of faster and deeper broadband penetration in Nigeria and Africa. It is very easy for us to just treat Mark’s visit as a mere celebrity billionaire visit to a 3rd world country and fail to see the lessons in it. Below are some keynotes you must take away from his visit: Nigerians are world class in creativity. From Jobberman to Konga and on to Andela, Nigerian youths have proven to be equally as creative as their western world counterparts. We have created things worthy of global interest and business competitiveness. Mark Zuckerberg’s visit and even in the most of his speech buttressed this fact that “a Nigerian youth is capable of creativity that can impact the world”. We only need Read More