The Future of Bandwidth & How it Affects You

Good News, There Would Be More Data Opportunities in 2017! How does it affect you? Data consumption will be grossly higher in 2017, though accompanied by the increase in prices. This is due to the fact that we depend more on the internet for news, entertainment, downloads, etc. Nigeria has the largest internet population in Africa, and 7the globally (over 92 million internet users), with the 50% of the internet population consists of mobile subscribers (177 million mobile subscribers), and 35% of the 19 million phones sold in 2014 were smartphones. We do not go online, we live online, and this has given rise to the following digital trends: Everyone and everything is online Consumers are hyper-informed Extraordinary is the new ordinary A four screen world Choice and sharing accelerating   These factors are contributing to increased mobile penetration in Nigeria. On the other hand, Read More