The Unreached Market

There are over 1. 5 million answers to just 1 question, though it depends on how you see the question that can determine the answers to it and out of those 1.5 million answers, each is right for different people. You might be wondering why I’m beating about the bush and not going straight to the point, that’s because I have a question and an answer for it THE UNREACHED MARKETS. Research have shown that over 3.2 billion people uses internet every day and most users are between the ages of 18 – 30 years, most people within this age bracket get involved in gaming and betting everyday but we have not covered the larger population of game lovers due to the poor internet connectivity even in the urban areas. Africa has become a land for gamers because of their great passion for sports but Read More

The Future of Bandwidth & How it Affects You

Good News, There Would Be More Data Opportunities in 2017! How does it affect you? Data consumption will be grossly higher in 2017, though accompanied by the increase in prices. This is due to the fact that we depend more on the internet for news, entertainment, downloads, etc. Nigeria has the largest internet population in Africa, and 7the globally (over 92 million internet users), with the 50% of the internet population consists of mobile subscribers (177 million mobile subscribers), and 35% of the 19 million phones sold in 2014 were smartphones. We do not go online, we live online, and this has given rise to the following digital trends: Everyone and everything is online Consumers are hyper-informed Extraordinary is the new ordinary A four screen world Choice and sharing accelerating   These factors are contributing to increased mobile penetration in Nigeria. On the other hand, Read More


One of the most consistent patterns in business is the failure of leading companies to stay at the top of their industries when technologies or market change. Why is it that established companies invest aggressively-and-successfully-in the technologies necessary to retain their current customers but then fail to make the technological investments that customers of the future will demand? The fundamental reason is that leading companies succumb to one of the most popular, and valuable, management dogmas; they stay close to their customer. Customers wield extraordinary power in directing a company’s investments. But what happens when a new technology emerges that customers reject because it doesn’t address their needs as effectively as a company’s current approach? In an ongoing study of technological change, the authors found that most established companies are consistently ahead of their industries in developing and commercializing new technologies as long as those Read More

Lessons From a Billionaire’s Visit: – Mark Zuckerberg

The dust raised by Mark Zuckerberg’s visit may have settled in the news but not so for those of us who has been frontline advocates of faster and deeper broadband penetration in Nigeria and Africa. It is very easy for us to just treat Mark’s visit as a mere celebrity billionaire visit to a 3rd world country and fail to see the lessons in it. Below are some keynotes you must take away from his visit: Nigerians are world class in creativity. From Jobberman to Konga and on to Andela, Nigerian youths have proven to be equally as creative as their western world counterparts. We have created things worthy of global interest and business competitiveness. Mark Zuckerberg’s visit and even in the most of his speech buttressed this fact that “a Nigerian youth is capable of creativity that can impact the world”. We only need Read More

0800INTERNET Toll Free Line

Often time you are caught in a fix not know who to turn to for your critical needs. If that need happen to be a need for information regarding your Internet Connectivity, your problems are over! With Syscomptech 0800INTERNET Toll Free number, you can access any help you need at anytime of the day! It is easy to dial 0800-INTERNET on any phone, simple dial the numbers on your keypad where the digits or alphabets appear – on mine that would be 0, 8, 0, 0, 4, 6, 8, 3, 7, 6, 3, 8 – simply put 080046837638! You can dial 0800INTERNET toll free 24/7 and have information regarding Fibre Optic Internet, VSAT Ka-Band, Ku-Band, C-Band, YahClick, BluClick, Avanti, YahSat, as well as all Broadband, Microwave, LTE and Wi-Fi Solutions, and yes, the call is free! Get peace of mind! We provide hassle free internet Read More

YahClick Service Performance

When you connect to the Internet using YahClick, the upload and download speeds you experience will vary based on a variety of factors including; The configuration of your computer The number of concurrent users Network or Internet congestion The size of the websites you are accessing, and many other factors. In most cases during peak hours, actual download speeds will likely be lower than speed indicated on the service plan. Speeds may also be affected if there is a major event and all users are trying to access the same content at the same time.

YahSat Release New YahClick Product Plans for Nigeria

YahSat has announced a new product plan for YahClick Nigeria subscribers. The new YahClick Product Plans will be available for new activations from May 15, 2015. Existing packages will remain available to current subscribers at the current YahClick Prices but would no longer be available for downgrades, upgrades or new activations. New Product Portfolio 6 packages ranging for 5GB to 100GB Focus on monthly allowance True 30 Day plans with anniversary date (No more 3 Day FAP) If you exhaust your data allowance before the month expires; you simple purchase a token and get additional data associated with that plans or wait till the anniversary date for the data allowance to reset.

Fibre Internet Promo

FREE MIGRATION TO FIBRE OPTIC Nigeria’s foremost Fiber Internet Service Providers is offering corporations with high demanding internet connectivity needs a way out of their present internet connectivity woes through the Free Migration to Fibre Optic Promo. Fibre Optics offers you both unequaled speed and unlimited data allowance. Our quality of service is guaranteed with 3 undersea Fibre cables and a VSAT backbone. Syscomptech maintains a 24×7 Support Team that monitors your links real-time for optimum performance, and provides you with instant technical support via email, live chat, tickets and phone. See below for promo details. Order online or contact sales[at], 08060002562, 09098808616 or 08183359954 for more information.   Offer Free Migration to Fibre Optic* Duration May 1st – July 27th 2015 Details Unlimited data (no monthly or daily download limit), Unlimited access, FREE INSTALLATION! Setup available on weekends, 24/7 support, 24/7 link monitoring, 24/7 Read More