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May 16, 2018

Things You Should Know About Domain Name

by syscomptech in Domain


  Here are certain Things You Should Know About Domain Name

Domain Name is an online identity, It is everything that comes after  “ www. ” in a website address. Some of the Things You Should Know About Domain Name are discussed below.

Why Do I Need It?

You need a domain name for your website because without it, nobody can find your website on the internet. Domain name is what people enter in the search console or their browser to find your website.

How Do I Know The Name To Use As Domain Name?

For you to choose a good domain name, you must bear certain things in mind; (1) the name of your business or name of what your website is all about, (2)it must be easy to pronounce and remember, (3) it should not be too long, 5-20 characters is good. For example, a business that makes cakes can choose the domain name- royalcakes.com or cakessosweet.com etc.

How Can I Register It?

First of all, it will be confirmed to you if your domain name is available or not, because its possible another person has used the same name that you intend to use, in this case you will be given some other options similar to the name that you choose. You can register your domain name by yourself, but it is better for you to give it to an ISP company to do it for you because this is what they do on a regular basis and they have a wealth of experience in it already, this will save you not just time and money but also costly mistakes that may really get things tangled.

Is It A One-Time Payment?

No,  domain name registration is a yearly payment, after making the initial one year  payment, you will need to make another payment when that one year elapses, you will be notified to renew your registration before the one year elapses, but if after that one year elapses you don’t make payment before a time period, the domain name will be offered for sale on market for any interested buyer, this is why you have to make payment before the one year elapses.

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