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November 12, 2018

What is satellite broadcasting

by syscomptech in Broadcast TV


Satellite broadcasting is the transmission of television or radio signals from an artificial satellite. In other words, a receiver decodes the incoming signals and sends them to the user.

Early television system viewers used C-band radio waves for  broadcasting. These broadcasts signals were easily accessible, however viewers had to make provisions to receive them using illegal methods. Modern supercharged satellites have essential operational benefits in television and radio distribution.


Basically there are 5 major elements concerned in a (DBS) direct broadcasting satellite system: the programming supply, the printed center, the satellite, the satellite dish and also the receiver.

How the Elements works

• Programming sources are channels that offer programming for broadcast. However a supplier is an intermediatary between you and the actual programming sources. They pay different corporations to broadcast their content through satellite.

• Printed center is the central hub of the system. Likewise the television supplier receives signals from varied programming sources and beams a broadcast signal to satellites in orbit.

• Active satellites receive the signals from the printed station and send them to Earth.

• Satellite dish picks up the signal from the satellite (or multiple satellites within the same a part of the sky) and passes it on to the receiver within the viewer’s house.

• The receiver processes the signal and passes it on to a regular TV.


Over one billion homes on our planet have television sets and these homes together receive over twenty five thousand TV channels by satellite broadcasting. Therefore, Satellites are effective in transporting video content from live shows and events, for instance the Olympics to the audience all around the world.

Conclusively, satellite broadcasting technology is a mainstay in wireless communication. Its capabilities continue to improve as new wireless communication strategies emanate.

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