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April 24, 2018

The Unreached Markets

by syscomptech in Uncategorized

There are over 1. 5 million answers to just 1 question, though it depends on how you see the question that can determine the answers to it and out of those 1.5 million answers, each is right for different people. You might be wondering why I’m beating about the bush and not going straight to the point, that’s because I have a question and an answer for it THE UNREACHED MARKETS.

Research has shown that over 3.2 billion people use internet every day and most users are between the ages of 18 – 30 years, most people within this age bracket get involved in gaming and betting every day but we have not covered the larger population of game lovers due to the poor internet connectivity even in the urban areas.

Africa has become a land for gamers because of their great passion for sports but connectivity in the urban areas is still struggling in the area of the internet, not to talk of the rural areas. We have lots of Gamers in Africa, even growing bigger than ever, it’s no longer a niche hobby as they earn as high as million just by playing these games and a mainstream pursuit backed by multi-million dollars budget to keep them entertained. As the game evolved, online connectivity has become an unavoidable cornerstone, whether you’re using it for multiplayer, buying new games, nabbing some DLC or just downloading day one patches. As such, a solid internet connection is a must for gaming Industries.

Organizations always have a target of maximizing revenues by the end of the year, the internet is responsible for almost half of the revenues generated. Online gaming is the new trend in some African countries such as Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria, but the challenge now, which include these questions: “how many did we reach?, How many more can we reach?, how can we expand the gaming industry more?, why have this set of people not been reached?, how can we overcome all odds?,” If you take gaming businesses to some rural areas they would experience internet breakdown because of the long distance of the mask from the users.

So each gaming countries across Africa needs to negotiate with ISPs (INTERNET SERVICE PROVIDERS) to expand their bandwidth to reach THE UNREACHED MARKETS, you need internet service providers with real speed guaranteed bandwidth unfiltered, unthrottled service reliability and quality of service neutrality and censorship. It’s not about the money yet, but it’s how far the human innovation has grown, the ones who have been left out.

Satellite connectivity  has the solution of THE UNREACHED MARKETS made to benefit both the Rural and urban areas without leaving any one out, SYSCOMPTECH it’s one of the best ISP in Africa and offers this services, very dependable, affordable – have the answer we’ve all been looking for, what more can a  Gamer ask for when you have satellite connectivity with free-to-air TV channels with leverages of 48 hours activation, No license required,  24/7 link monitoring,  24/7 access for Virtual Sports Provider updates, No need to move hardware, Available across Sub-sahara Africa.

We are before you with Syscomptech Broadcast Media, reaching more numbers of gamer is beating the odds. Move with the World or be masked!!!

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