What is CCNA ?

CCNA  (Cisco Certified Network Associate) is an information technology (IT) certification from Cisco Systems. CCNA certification is an associate-level Cisco Career certification. The Cisco exams have changed several times in response to the changing IT trends.

Benefits of CCNA

  1. Raise in salary
  2. Your job applications will be accepted globally.
  3. Your career will be boosted and taken to the next level.
  4. You will stand out
  5. You will have a broadened knowledge in networking which make people respect you in you profession.

Where Can I Learn To Be a Cisco Certified Network Associate?

Syscomptech is running a training program to update your networking knowledge helping you get trained by professionals to become a Cisco Certified Network Associate.

What Is The Course Outline Like?


Routing and Switching: Introduction to Networks 6.0
Chapter 1: Explore the Network
Chapter 2: Configure a Network Operating System
Chapter 3: Network Protocols and Communications
Chapter 4: Network Access
Chapter 5: Ethernet
Chapter 6: Network Layer
Chapter 7: IP Addressing
Chapter 8: Sub-netting IP Networks
Chapter 9: Transport Layer
Chapter 10: Application Layer
Chapter 11: Build a Small Network

Routing and Switching: Connecting Networks v6.0
Chapter 1: WAN Concepts
Chapter 2: Point-to-Point Connections
Chapter 3: Branch Connections
Chapter 4: Access Control Lists
Chapter 5: Network Security and Monitoring
Chapter 6: Quality of Service
Chapter 7: Network Evolution
Chapter 8: Network Troubleshooting

Routing and Switching: Scaling Networks v6.0
Chapter 1: LAN Design
Chapter 2: Scaling VLANs
Chapter 3: STP
Chapter 4: EtherChannel and HSRP
Chapter 5: Dynamic Routing
Chapter 6: EIGRP
Chapter 7: EIGRP Tuning and Troubleshooting
Chapter 8: Single-Area OSPF
Chapter 9: Multi-area OSPF
Chapter 10: OSPF Tuning and Troubleshooting

Routing and Switching: Routing and Switching Essentials v6.0
Chapter 1: Routing Concepts
Chapter 2: Static Routing
Chapter 3: Dynamic Routing
Chapter 4: Switched Networks
Chapter 5: Switch Configuration
Chapter 6: VLANs
Chapter 7: Access Control Lists
Chapter 8: DHCP
Chapter 9: NAT for IPv4
Chapter 10: Device Discovery, Management and Maintenance

Practice Labs

How Can I Register?

To register, simply visit or You can also reach out by calling 07086269517 or 08038896064

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