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June 1, 2018

Fiber -optic internet.

by syscomptech in Blog

 Fiber -optic internet is the

fiber optic internet

best option for Business men and individuals who are sourcing for the fastest way to connect to the world. Internet is making almost every industry to take advantage of advancement and achieving an online presence.

Business men and individuals who are generally satisfied with the internet should take advantage of the Fiber -optic internet to make their business rank above their competitors. Any business not connected online to create a traffic for customers will suffer less patronage and could lead to a folding up of such a business.

Fiber-optic internet is generally faster than other types of internet for those who want to create a wider influence online make use of the fiber optic internet due to its high data transfer rate. This higher data-transfer rate results in faster load times, higher-quality streaming, and a better internet experience overall.

Fiber optic internet transmits data faster over greater distances because the cable is smaller in diameter and weighs less; it makes an ideal alternative for a wide choice of cabling solutions. Since the conductor is glass and cannot generate electricity, fiber is immune to all sorts of interference. This means that it can come in direct contact with high-voltage electrical equipment, power lines and lightning, with these still putting up a superior performance. The cost of maintaining the fiber cables is less.

Furthermore, transmitting signals electrically can be extremely dangerous. Most electric potentials create small sparks.  One tiny spark can create a big explosion which can result to millions of money loss. Potential spark hazards seriously hinder data and communication in such facilities. Fiber optic cables do not produce sparks since they do not carry current.


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