Fibre optics

Fibre optic Internet is the most recent change to the manner in which information is moved around the world. It’s a lot quicker than cable, way quicker than dial-up and can convey a lot of information in a single line. Above all, Fibre optic makes various terabits of information move very easy.

Types of cables used in data transmission

Types of cable used in data transmission are:

Twisted pair cables

Twisted pair cables are pairs are:

  • A pair of protected wires bent together.
  • The most cost-effective of the three types of cables used in data transmission.

Coaxial cables

These are high-frequency transmission cables that are made up of solid-copper core that transfers information electrically over the inward transmitter.

When you make use of coaxial cable, it conveys TV signals.

coaxial cables has a higher transfer speed that makes it progressively reasonable for video application

Fibre optic cables

Fibre optic cables are used for transmitting fast, longer distance signals with least impedance. Two kinds of connectors are used for interfacing fiber optic cables. SC(subscriber connector)  is used for interfacing cable TVs while ST(straight tip) connectors are used for building up connection between networking devices.

Benefits of fibre optic internet


  • At the point when you pick fibre optic services, your web speed will be noticeably increased.
  • Numerous Fiber-optic network services use mono-mode fibre for longer distances.
  • Distances longer than 1.000 meters commonly use mono-mode fibre since it lets less light through and lessens light reflections.
  • The outcome is that signals can travel longer distances at a lot quicker rate, giving quicker web speed.
  • There are less interference, this results in a lot quicker web speed and not as much downtime or as many delays.


The expense for fibre cable has reduced over the years, which implies this is the best decision for customers searching for new cable installation. Reduced costs for Fiber optic cable gives more savvy alternatives in the home internet services field. Above all, the services and speed this cable provides combined with the improved connectivity makes this most reasonable choice without sacrificing quality.


  • The kind of lines that your information is going through can easily be compromised, which in turn can compromise everything that you do while on the web.
  • Fibre optic material is harder to compromise compared to any other material, for example, copper. Networks made of fibre lessen radiation, which implies it is practically difficult to hack into and compromise client data.


  • Clients need to realize that they can count on their web connection and that they will have service in any event even in top occasions.
  • connectivity isn’t an issue when Using Fiber optic services.
  • Transmission of information will be reliably fast using fibre internet.
  • Above all, you can rely on your service being accessible anytime of the day, regardless of the number of people on it simultaneously.


Finally, if you are in need of speed and reliability with your home internet, choosing fibre optics will be a great idea. subscribe to our reliable fibre optic internet to achieve more with your daily activities

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