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October 29, 2018

Free Internet In Nigeria

by syscomptech in Blog, internet

The Internet is the global network of interconnected computer networks which links devices worldwide through the Internet protocol suites. Is there really free internet, similarly, are they reliable?


Internet Service

Commercial outlets and rarely by private individuals are the major providers of Free internet services.  From research and statistics, there is a high correlation between revenue growth and time spent in an outlet. Fact-You definitely spend more time in an outlet with free internet.

Free internet enables the operator to access your data for analytics. Although, they will not be able to decrypt your traffic, they might be able to tell what website you’re visiting. They can and would definitely tweak your decision in ways I’ll rather not talk about.

Hence, is it advisable to exchange your data for free internet which is not exactly safe or ideal or would you rather go for a fast, reliable & affordable internet service.

Telecommunication Industry In Nigeria

In Nigeria the telecommunication industry started in 2001 with m-tel and other enduring companies such as Syscomptech, MTN, Globacom, Airtel and 9mobile as major stakeholders. The evolution of information world was a speedy one from radio, television, paper mail and newspapers into email, internet tv, online music, blogs, digital newspapers, and video streaming websites with several stakeholders adopting new media of communication. The business world was not left out with producers, retailers, wholesalers & consumers in both service & product industries. They all took advantage of its accessibility for economic purposes.

The major stakeholders in the telecommunication industry extended into internet services through data plans for mobile phones, laptop and desktop computers. In Nigeria internet service through these various data plans is known to be slow, expensive, and unreliable in most cases can be termed as frustrating. No wonder attention has shifted towards more reliable and affordable internet data supplies to ease daily access struggle.

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internet everywhere

It is difficult getting 100% free internet in Nigeria. However,  getting fast, affordable and above all, a reliable internet service is possible.

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