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May 18, 2018


by syscomptech in Hosting


Are Free Web Hosting Services Really Free?

Are Free web Hosting Services Really Free? Yes, there are many free web hosting services that are absolutely free for anybody to use.

Does It Have Any Limitation Or Disadvantage?

Yes it does; many free hosting service providers bombard your website with Ad banners, pop ups, pop downs and so on, and there is really nothing you can do about it as annoying as it may seem to be.

Also on a free web hosting service plan, many features is deactivated and you should not expect features like PHP programming, MY SQL database, CGI script and FTP to be available.

Lastly, your monthly bandwidth allotment may also be limited, and once you exhaust it, it’s done for that month, you may have to wait for the next month for a new bandwidth allotment.

How Is The Customer Support?

Customer support is a crucial aspect of any business because each service comes with potential issues that needs to be resolved. One of the major turndowns for free hosting companies is that they don’t offer Customer service, and this makes those that use such services stuck with nothing to do about their problems.

What Is Our Recommendation?

You can decide to use free web hosting if you are not doing anything serious, but if you are doing something serious that is important to you and the people you intend to reach, we advise that you use a paid hosting service. Visit www.syscomptech.com to see which of the plans is suitable for your present or future need.

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