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May 11, 2018


by syscomptech in Hosting

The importance of getting a reliable hosting company is huge, until you do this right, you keep losing money.Hosting your website gives you Visibility online.

It is a great tragedy to have good Products and services and not be seen by potential customers.

With this understanding, we will now proceed to discuss how to get a reliable hosting company.

In choosing a Reliable Hosting Company, here are some of the factors to consider:


reliable host company

how to know a reliable hosting company


It will be good to check the prices that different web hosting companies are charging and compare. You do not necessarily have to choose the lowest price, as most time the lowest price usually mean- the poorest service. If for example, you checked and compared prices of 10 service providers and 9 of them has prices ranging from N8000-N10000, but remaining one hosting service provider’s price is N2000, you should already know that it will most likely be a trap.



RENEWAL CHARGES: Also check this carefully, because many times  Hosting service providers use initial cost of Hosting to trap customers and pounce on them with high Renewal Charges, so be sure to carefully check the Renewal Charges well after seeing the initial Cost to avoid unpleasant surprises and experiences.


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