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May 7, 2018

The Internet is a Multi-million Naira

by syscomptech in Blog

In a world of possibilities today, the Internet is a Multi-million Naira zone where you become an unbeatable against your competitors with just an internet connection.

You might ask what is FIBER?

Nice question!!!

“The Fiber internet is any internet access through fiber-optic lines which uses tiny strands of plastic or glass to carry binary transmissions of light”.

What makes the fiber internet connection important to your company?

The Fiber internet lines have the fastest speed more than your imagination with a speed of 1gigabite per second which can also run as fast as 25miles. Simply put, you can never ask for any better than the Fiber internet.

What you must know about fiber internet..

  • Less attenuation [signal loss]

Information travels 10 times further before it needs amplifying. This makes fiber networks simpler and cheaper to operate and maintain. One of the Internet is a multi million zone.

  • No interference;

Unlike other network connection, the fiber network transmits information faster and more reliable with better signal quality.

  • Higher bandwidth;

As seen already, fiber network can carry far more data than any other network connection

  • Symmetric speed;

Symmetric speed is term used to refer to equal upload and download times on an internet connection. With fiber internet your employees can benefit from equal upload and download speed.

  • Latency;

Latency is a term used to describe delays that occur while processing data over internet connection. But fiber networks eliminate the problems of latency especially during downloading and uploading of data or high definition content.

The business benefit of this is that;

  1. There is a good downloading and uploading of files without disruption
  2. Improved collaboration between employees
  3. Ability to move more apps to the cloud

You might as well ask how do I get this internet connection in my device or my installed in my company….

When you consider the importance of speed then fiber internet is your best choice. To get this internet connection and enjoy triple internet speed YOU CAN ASK US…….

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