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November 12, 2018


by syscomptech in Broadcast TV

Welcome to the world of Satellite Broadcast!

Recent trends have seen a rise in demand for broadcast of content especially those from the  entertainment sector. This may be due to an evolving culture of addiction to entertainment and its perceived profitability. Personalized TV channels displaying reality shows, betting or even religious programs are no longer  rare to find. Easy as it sounds, not a few Nigerians are totally blank about the whole working process.

satellite broadcast

How it works

Satellite broadcast is a system for distributing content. It involves the use of signals relayed to and from communication satellites. Dishes receive signals from the satellite after which signals then pass through a low-noise block converter for conditioning.

A receiver in the dish decodes the incoming signals. It then sends them to the user through a compatible satellite radio or TV. In the TV, signals coming in are encoded and compressed to allow the provider load more channels into the signal. The user can then select which channel to decode and watch.


A very compelling benefit of satellite communication is the fact that the signal from satellite can cover wide geographical areas. Compatible Gadgets  can be used to access transmitted signals directly.  Subscriber TV operators and telecoms can use satellite broadcast  to aid connectivity which can now be transmitted terrestrially either through wireless networks or fixed-lines. In comparison to cable TV, Satellite TV has a wider coverage. It is also available nearly everywhere.

New satellite dishes do not need to move every time to find the signals. Dishes are capable of finding the best signals automatically.


Possible Alternatives?

Speaking of other possible alternatives, the cost to deploy copper networks or even fibre optics from plant to individual customers can be extremely expensive, especially in large and sparsely populated areas. Satellite broadcast is becoming a main stay in a host of African countries. Many operators now offer broadcast services in Nigeria. Services usually vary in quality and pricing however, syscomptech remains the most sought after for its quality and affordability.

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