Most Internet Users In Nigeria Suffer From Restricted Internet Usage – data caps are introduced to subscription packages to prevent users from choking the network, but In reverse restricts the amount of data and thus productivity the user can achieve. In some cases (Not Syscomptech) a single link is shared among many subscribers to maximize profit, but again the user suffers the resulting slow speed. To make your business process both fluid and productive you require a reliable Internet Connectivity that actually stays connected for effective communication. Syscomptech Fibre Optic Internet Service offers Superfast Unlimited Internet.

Sign up for the Syscomptech’s Fibre Optic Internet connectivity service in the ongoing free infrastructure migration PROMO and enjoy unlimited data, FREE CLASS /29 BLOCKS of IP and FREE INSTALLATION & SETUP.
Syscomptech has over 8 years of Internet connectivity delivery experience endorsed by the Nigerian Communications Commission serving high traffic consumers like – United Nations, Servetek, PAL Pensions, and over 300 companies across Nigeria with premium Internet connectivity.

Our quality of service is guaranteed with 3 undersea Fibre cables and a VSAT backbone. Bearing in mind that terrestrial links can suffer cuts and physical damages at any time, Syscomptech maintains a 24×7 Support Team that monitors your links real-time for optimum performance, and provides you with instant technical support via email, live chat, tickets and phone.


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