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April 24, 2018

The Future of Bandwidth & How it Affects You

by syscomptech in Uncategorized

Good News, There Would Be More Data Opportunities in 2017! How does it affect you?

Data consumption will be grossly higher in 2017, though accompanied by the increase in prices. This is due to the fact that we depend more on the internet for news, entertainment, downloads, etc. Nigeria has the largest internet population in Africa, and 7the globally (over 92 million internet users), with the 50% of the internet population consists of mobile subscribers (177 million mobile subscribers), and 35% of the 19 million phones sold in 2014 were smartphones.

We do not go online, we live online, and this has given rise to the following digital trends:

  • Everyone and everything is online
  • Consumers are hyper-informed
  • Extraordinary is the new ordinary
  • A four screen world
  • Choice and sharing accelerating


These factors are contributing to increased mobile penetration in Nigeria. On the other hand, Nigerians are doing more data in terms of usage, and less voice. That is to say, we do WhatsApp instead of voice. Telcos in Nigeria would be losing lots of money. People will be using data field-voice to make calls, IP phones, calling more on WhatsApp, Facebook, Skype & more coming. Being that more of data is going up, and losing money in voice, more data – voice.

There would be a lot of data in circulation, some courtesy of free data agency interventions. Nigeria would be expecting at least 3 more satellites to be launched;  Intel Sat (IS) just launched a month ago focusing on Nigeria; EutelsatYahsat, Avanti would be launched this quarter. Facebook will re-launch their earlier failed satellite, part of the reasons for Zuckerberg visit to Nigeria.

For Telcos, “Tomorrow’s competitors look nothing like Yesterday’s foe”, pretty soon, there would be data bundle for videos (IPTV), where you won’t need DSTV to watch your television. There would be a lot of human shift to data for agriculture and health. A lot of schools will have free internet due to data donor agencies. (the use of data).

The total number of small and medium businesses in Nigeria is over 32 million, with a potential digital market opportunity of $1.8B. Every company can succeed online, start a new product/services, grow the existing one, or share their passion with others. With over 80million Nigerians having access to the internet and a large number of also very active on Social media platforms daily, the game has now moved ONLINE.

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