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April 24, 2018

YahClick Service Performance

by syscomptech in Blog

YahClick Service Performance is measured when you connect to the Internet provider through fibre optic, the upload and download speeds you experience will vary based on a variety of factors including;

  • The configuration of your computer
  • The number of concurrent users
  • Network or Internet congestion
  • The size of the websites you are accessing, and many other factors.

In most cases during peak hours, actual download speeds will likely be lower than speed indicated on the service plan. 

Fair Access Policy and Download Allowance

To ensure that all YahClick High-Speed Internet Service customers have equitable access to the network, YahClick sets usage allowances on the amount of data a subscriber can download within stated time periods specified in each service plan (i.e Fair Access Policy).

If at any time a subscriber’s Usage Total is above the Usage Allowance, the YahClick system will temporarily limit the speed at which the subscriber can receive data over the network.

When experiencing slow speeds, it is likely you are in a FAP state. If you have exceeded your download allowance, your connection will slow down considerably. It is advisable to stop using YahClick for a day to allow your system to recover and restore your speeds.

How does the Fair Access Policy work?

The policy is implemented automatically by monitoring your usage over a rolling 24-hour period, depending on the service plan selected. Each YahClick service plan is assigned a Download Allowance.

As you download data, your allowance will be depleted. During periods of low use, your remaining allowance will slowly recover.

When your usage over the past 24hours exceeds that allowance, you will enter the FAP Recovery Zone, and your download speeds will be reduced. During the FAP Recovery Zone, your Download Allowance is slowly refilled, and after approximately 24 hours, your download speed will be restored.

Reasons why you may FAP

Some activities are more likely to exceed the Download Allowance and trigger the application of the Fair Access Policy.

Examples of those activities are:

  • Full-length movie or video downloads that exceed the 10% data allowance of the subscription plan.
  • Downloading very large files (i.e., file sizes that are close in size to the Download Allowance of your service plan)
  • Peer-to-peer (P2P) file sharing programs.
  • Continuous downloading or viewing streaming media content such as audio or video programming and YouTube.
  • Hosting of server devices such as email, FTP, or Web servers.
  • Hosting computer applications such as Webcam feeds.
  • Internet-based PC backup services that archive your data to a central server.
  • Use of BitTorrent applications.

If you have exceeded the allocated download allowance (i.e, to FAP), you enter a FAP reduced state.

To continue downloading once you have entered the FAP reduced speed state,

1) You can activate a pre-purchased FAP reset Token that will immediately restore your full speed and give you exactly the same amount of 24 hour under your service plan.

2) If you do not wish to activate a FAP Token, you will need to minimize your download activities or stop using the Internet, till your download allowance refills.

How to Monitor Download Allowance Status;

This status comes from the YahClick gateway in real time as you receive data. You can check your Download Allowance status by this process;

1) Enter in the address bar of your browser

2) In the resulting page that opens, click on ‘System Status’

3) In the next page, on the left corner, select ‘Download Allowance Status’

It opens a page, showing a meter that goes from 100% to 0%.

The green marker reaching 100% implies that you have full Download Allowance, 0% implies you have exceeded your download allowance. (And would, therefore, experience slow speeds.)

How to verify whether you have exceeded your Download Allowance?

You can track your past usage and Fair Access Policy status by going to your user portal and clicking on the Check My Usage link. The End-user portal is located at https://eupgateway.yahclickonline.com.

After which you enter you SAN number and serial number.

The Download FreeZone

The Download FreeZone is the time when the YahClick network is likely to be used by a very small number of users—”off-peak hours of the day”. During this time, all subscribers can enjoy downloading data at full speed without counting against their Download Allowance.

This period has been provided for YahClick subscribers to schedule the downloading of automated updates or to download other large files. For home consumers, it provides the flexibility to download large files such as movies or software during the time the network is less busy without the user experiencing slowed speeds during the day.

It is an incentive for users to rather schedule the downloading of large files to occur when the network is less busy and not place unnecessary load on the network during peak usage hours.

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