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Gain access to the appropriate broadband service for your business.



Get broadband internet delivered straight to your doorstep, perfect for personal use.



Make the most of unlimited high-speed internet services tailored for your business.


Welcome to syscomptech

Best ISP in Nigeria

committed to providing our customers with exceptional service.

We provide hassle-free internet services via LTE, Fiber Optics (FTTx), Microwave and VSAT (on Ka-band, Ku-Band, and C-Band). We offer the best support as an ISP in Nigeria so you can never have a minute downtime; else we will pay for it. Our support is available even all night long.






Redemption Anyanwu
  • CEO & CO Founder

What We’re Offering

Providing the best Internet solutions

Fiber Optic

fiber optic internet is a cutting-edge technology that offers fast and efficient internet connectivity. It is ideal for heavy internet users and businesses that require high-speed internet.

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Fiber Wireless

Fiber wireless internet is a wireless technology that uses radio waves to transmit data over the air. It uses fiber optic cables to connect the wireless towers to the internet backbone.

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Very Small Aperture Terminal (VSAT) technology is a satellite communication technology that has revolutionized the way we connect to the internet and communicate with each other.

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Radio Internet

Radio is a type of wireless communication technology that uses high-frequency radio waves to transmit data over long distances.

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CCTV Installation

CCTV installation is a process that involves mounting cameras and connecting them to a recording device or network.

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Satellite Broadcast

Satellite broadcasting is a type of wireless communication that uses satellites orbiting the Earth to transmit and receive information.

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Recently Completed Work

Introducing outstanding new projects


Lowest available price
20600 Monthly
  • Upto 10mbps
  • Premium Support
  • Installation fee on Request


Lowest available price
25600 Monthly
  • Upto 10mbps
  • Premium Support
  • Installation fee on Request


Lowest available price
40750 Monthly
  • Up to 15MBPS
  • Premium support
  • Installation fee on Request

Our Mission, Values and Motto

Number 1 ISP in NIGERIA

Our mission is to provide fast, reliable, and secure internet service to customers. Our values includes customer focus, innovation, integrity, teamwork, and excellence. our motto remains "Connecting you to the world with the best quality Internet"


Happy customers


Projects Completed

Meet the Team

Expert team member will help you

Salvation Alibor


Salvation Alibor

"The internet is a reflection of humanity's best and worst qualities, all at once. Aim to bring out the best quality "

Redemption Anyanwu


Redemption Anyanwu

The internet is like a vast ocean of information, but it's up to us to decide what we want to fish out.

Buchi Okwuhor

Chief Network Engineer

Buchi Okwuhor

The internet is becoming a more integral part of our lives, connecting us with information from all over

Reward & Awards

Recognition awards and rewards

We are recognized by customers for our exceptional internet service. We are customer-centric and we provide good values for our customers

Competitive Pricing

We offer affordable internet plaans that provides good values to customers

The Best Quality

We provide fast, reliable and secure internet service with low latency and packet loss

The Best Choice

We offer a variety of internet plans with different speeds and pricing options

Super Quality

Our service exceeds customer expectations in terms of reliability and customer support

Why Syscomptech?

See Reason why we are the best for you.

There are so many reasons aside our 24/7 support why syscomptech is the best isp for you. we have different options available for your location. Our Internet is fast and reliable, it also has low latency, low packet loss, its secure and we have wide coverage area.

We are innovative

Benefit 01

Enjoy 99.9% uptime

Benefit 02

We have Options

Benefit 03

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Quality, affordable, Reliable and secure internet services

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